What is Replacement Cost on Contents Anyway?

Very simply put: if your couch is burned during a bbq by a careless cigarette, do you want the depreciated value(ie – garage sale value) or the COST TO REPLACE IT? Clearly the latter unless you think saving $69 a year is a good bet vs. the garage sale value of all of your personal belongings. Now, when I say personal belongings, think of everything that is not permanently attached to the wall. You paid $1000 for that television last year, and if you put it on craigslist today, you’d be lucky to get half. Don’t make that mistake with your home insurance!!!

House Insurance: How do I find the best rate?

House Insurance: probably the biggest bargain in insurance today. Think about this: the average premium for home insurance is far less than your car insurance but it covers an unimaginable number of items including the rebuilding of your home should it be destroyed completely, burn down, get struck by lightning or simply have a tree come through the roof. Not to mention the thousands of other things that can go wrong. Did any of you see Christmas Vacation with Chevy Chase? The one where he wires 25,000 imported twinkle lights into one outlet! Yeah, stupid things like that are done every day.

Enough of that, onto what you’re here for- how to get the best possible rate on insurance for your home.